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Historic collaboration between THYSO and HKL


EKHON | UKHRUL: In a first ever, Thawaijao Hungpung Young Students’ Organization (THYSO) and Hunphun Katamnao Long (HKL) under the presidentship of Hubert Lunghar and Wungsorin Ragui collaborated to organize a cleanliness drive in Ukhrul Town on Saturday. Under the theme ‘Peace and Unity’, over 5000 students and teachers from schools under Hungpung and Hunphun Jurisdiction participated in the drive that stretched from District Hospital, Hungpung to Kharasom Hunphun Junction and spread out towards Circular Road.  

This is a historic collaboration said Hubert Lunghar, THYSO President, adding that the participants should be proud of being witness to it. The goal of the cleanliness drive, he said is beyond cleanliness and to advocate peaceful co-existence among Tangkhuls. Occupying the main headquarter town, it is crucial for Hungpung and Hunphun to unite and work together to bring progress and development for the whole Tangkhul community, shared Hubert Lunghar. 

Quoting the adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, THYSO President believed that good hearts and minds reflect clean environment and does instill unity and love among people. He felt that that is what the two villages needed. He also expressed his joy at the huge turnout of the unit’s student population and support of the public. He also informed that THYSO and HKL will continue to collaborate and team up in future.

Calling the event a crucial step towards bettering relationship between the two villages that doesn’t always see eye to eye, Wungsorin Ragui, HKL President said we are in transition period and that the students are witnessing a collaboration of two villages that was marred by rivalry passed down through our forefathers, however, that trend has changed today, he added with conviction.

He further shared that it is apparent to others of how volatile history Hunphun and Hungpung shared, and the purpose of this collaboration is for younger generation to refocus on taking a different path. This initiative is taking a baby step towards change and transformation, at the same time sending a message of peace and love to the rest of the State during these tumultuous times, added the President.

To bring change and transformation, he said we need people movement and strongly appealed the public to maintain sanitation and to also subscribe to the garbage collection initiative of ADC.

Meanwhile, Wungnaoyung Sayai, CAO, WTR, who supported the collaboration lauded the successful initiative of THYSO and HKL and addressed the participants at Ukhrul Town Ground. He acknowledged the significance of the successful venture between Hungpung and Hunphun adding that the participants should be proud of being part of this very historic movement. He also wished the students success in their future.

Later the participants dispersed from the Ground with shouts of slogan to keep the town clean and to maintain dustbin.

Despite sharing boundaries, kins and Ukhrul district headquarter town, the two ancient villages have continued to maintain the past rivalry marred by violence and retribution over generations. The sour relationship has at times disrupted the overall development of the community. Perhaps this initiative is the beginning towards something more concrete in bringing lasting peace and unity between the two major Tangkhul villages.


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