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Joint Awareness Program Highlights Conservation of Mrs. Humes Pheasant at Jessami Village


EKHON |UKHRUL: In a significant effort to raise awareness about the conservation of the Mrs. Humes Pheasant, Jessami Village Council and Enfogal organized a joint program on June 1st. The event brought together villagers from neighboring villages, including three sections of Kharasom, Wahong, Soraphung, and two villages from Nagaland, to discuss the ecological, cultural, and eco-tourism significance of this near-threatened bird species

Patrick Project Director from Enfogal emphasized the urgent need for conservation efforts to protect the Mrs. Humes Pheasant. He pointed out that illegal hunting, deforestation, and climate change are major threats to the species’ survival. He also highlighted the importance of the Indo-Burma region, which is a global biodiversity hotspot, and stressed that conservation efforts in this region are crucial for preserving the natural heritage of not only Manipur and Nagaland but also for the entire world.”

Indo-Burma is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. It is home to many endemic species that are found nowhere else in the world. The Mrs. Humes Pheasant is one such species that is unique to this region. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect it and preserve its habitat for future generations.” He proposed strong laws to deter offenders and ensure the protection of the species.

Chingrisoror, Field Officer from Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), stressed the importance of conservation efforts not only for the Mrs. Humes Pheasant but also for other wildlife species, including pangolins. He emphasized the need for a collaborative approach to protect these species and preserve the region’s biodiversity.

The program concluded with an action plan to stop hunting and protect the Mrs. Humes Pheasant. The villagers collectively resolved to protect and follow up on their commitment to ban hunting in their respective villages.

The event was a significant step towards raising awareness about the conservation of this endangered species. The joint effort by Jessami Village Council and Enfogal demonstrates a strong commitment to conserve thestate bird of Manipur.

As a follow-up to the conservation awareness program on Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant, a specialized outreach will be initiated at the Jessami Hume’s Pheasant Community Reserve focusing on exploring the diverse bird species in the region. This hands-on exploration aimed to deepen local community engagement and appreciation for the rich bird biodiversity present in their surroundings, fostering a sense of stewardship and pride in their natural heritage.


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