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Over 400 tribal families rescued by Response Team initiated by Tangkhul units


EKHON|UKHRUL: Taking into account the gravity of the situation caused by flood from the incessant rain (Cyclone Remal) in the areas inhabited by the tribal community in Imphal, a quick Response team was set up under the initiative of Tangkhul Shanao Long Imphal (TSLI), Tangkhul Katamnao Long Imphal (TKLI), Tangkhul Welfares in Imphal and Union Tangkhul Baptist Churches Imphal (UTBCI).

From day 1 of setting up the response team, Helpline numbers were made available 24/7 for emergency calls and grievances. More than 400 individuals/families from various tribal communities stranded in and around flood affected areas; Nagaram, Tangkhul Avenue, Fairyland, Kairang, Dewlahland, Namdunlong, Gaipuinam etc., were rescued with the help of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Paramilitary Forces, Indian Armies, Imphal East District Administration, State Police, Govt departments, Valley Based Organizations and Individuals.

The rescued individuals and families were first brought to the Transit camp set up at Tangkhul Baptist Church Imphal (TBCI) basement on 29th May 2024 (1st day of the rescue operation), and provided with warm food, clean drinking water and dry clothes. They were later shifted to the different temporary relief camps set up at Lanthungching & Langol. Approximately 100 individuals have been placed at the two temporary relief camps and more than 50 individuals have been given shelter at local residences of the localities. Transportation of the rescued individuals/families from the Transit Camp to the Relief Camps were arranged by TBCI and Hon’ble Minister & MLAs from Chingai, Ukhrul and Kamjong Constituencies respectively. Transportation arrangements from Transit Camp to Lamlong Bazaar were provided by CRPF and farther transportation of the individuals/families to Ukhrul District Headquarter were arranged by Apex Tangkhul CSOs.

Relief materials to individuals and families still in the flood affected areas are supplied on a daily basis. Rescuing stranded individuals, placing them at relief camps and supply of basic needs are ongoing and will continue till all the stranded individual/families are rescued or placed safely. More than 100 volunteers have been deployed for carrying out the aforementioned activities of the Response Team.

The Response Team have also received various donation in the form of kinds and money from many individuals, departments, and CSOs etc., in aid of the flood affected individuals/families.

With the water level receding from the affected areas, it is hopeful that the situation will not worsen. Special gratitude to all the individuals, organizations & departments for their relentless services rendered to the families affected by the flood. However, continued support and effort from all sections of the people for any unexpected eventualities in the days to come.

Despite the unfortunate havoc, there has been no or little report of human casualty which is a testament to the good coordination and collective effort of the CSOs and the Churches involved in the rescue operation.


  1. Thanking all the organisations, teams, individuals and others who have rendered their services relentlessly to rescue the people affected by the havoc flood. May the Good Lord bless you all for your hardwork.

  2. Thanking all the organisations, teams, individuals and others who have dedicated their services tirelessly to rescue the people affected by the havoc flood. May the Good Lord bless you all for your hardwork.


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