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Tangkhul Catholic Youths plant trees in educational institutes  


EKHON | UKHRUL: Ukhrul district joined the rest of the world in observing the World Environment Day by planting trees in various parts of the district. Tangkhul Catholic Youth federation (TCYF) in collaboration with the Forest Department of Ukhrul also organized a tree plantation drive in several educational institutes including Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School (SHHSS), St. Mary’s, Savio School, St Joseph’s College and NSF Park among others.

The plantation drive was kicked off from the Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Hungpung campus. Rajesh Darade, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) and Chermishan APS, Ranger Forest Officer, Ukhrul Headquarter along with few of their staff joined the observation by planting saplings in the campus of SHHSS, Hungpung.

Ukhrul DFO Rajesh Darade said protecting the forest and environment is a fundamental duty of our constitution and seeing the effort of the youths, he expressed his hope that they will continue their work of caring for the environment in future.

Chermishan, APS, Ranger Forest Officer, Ukhrul Headquarter said the objective of observing the World Environment Day in local context is to learn from the past experience like the recent Remal cyclone.

“We have witnessed how the cyclone wreaked havoc to the place. It taught us about the significance of planting trees. Without trees, the soil is unable to percolate the water and the rainwater flow straight down the hills and the result of which is the flood water in the valley. And that’s why planting trees in the hills has become a necessity. And let’s not forget that there is no Planet B”, she warned.

The young Forest Ranger also revealed that the observation is not only in Ukhrul headquarter but across department office complexes, civil societies and across villages. Villages including Seikhor, Somdal, Chingjaroi, Marem, Namrei, Ngahui and Jessami and also covering Chingai Block observed the day with a plantation drive in collaboration with the Forest Department.  

Meanwhile James Brilliantson Kashung, President, TCYF said after reflecting on the theme of the World Environment Day and witnessing the deteriorated environmental condition over the years in Ukhrul, they decided to observe the day by planting trees. He appealed the public to plant trees wherever they can. Let’s create a safe environment for our healthy body and safe future, he added.

As the environmental crisis accelerated each year, it has become even more critical for people to observe the World Environment with more seriousness. This year the Day is celebrated under the theme “Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience”.


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