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About NPF-BJP-NPP Alliance & Why NPF/NDA?


EKHON | UKHRUL: The ‘Campaign Kick-Off’ for Naga consensus NPF/NDA MP candidate Kachui Timothy Zimik for the upcoming II-Outer Manipur, 18th Lok election has officially begun on 4th April 2024 from New Canaan village under Ukhrul District. While other major campaigns are yet to continue in different district headquarters in Manipur, the historic alliance of NPF-BJP-NPP called the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) is a curious topic for many people in the state.

Naga People’s Front (NPF) is a Naga party with a belief. “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God,” Romans 13-1.

Ever since the launching of NPF in Manipur, we tried our best to bring peace, prosperity, love and understanding among all communities in the state. With this agenda, this time also we are entering the Lok Sabha election in the person of our candidate Timothy Zimik,” said Awangbow Newmai, President, NPF State Unit, Minister for Water Resources Department and Relief & Disaster Management of Manipur.

Zimik emphasizes the need for peace and development in the state. He calls for mutual respect and sincerity among communities to solve problems. “I am committed to the cause and task of restoring peace in the state. We must work together irrespective of communities to bring peace and prosperity. Only then, we can bring inclusive development & shared prosperity. Let’s make Manipur a vibrant state. To have a vibrant state, we need social justice and economic upliftment both in the hills & valley,” said Zimik. He continued to say that, “For too long, we have divided ourselves on ideological, ethnic and political lines. To those whose voices have been trampled for too long, I want to tell you directly, I feel and share your pain. Your pain and your concern matter to me. I share your sufferings. Let me be your voice. For me and my wife, the opportunity you have given us to serve you is the biggest thing. I am not just an NPF candidate, I am a Naga consensus candidate supported by BJP and NPP collectively known as NDA Alliance.”

MLA Achumbemo Kikon, Secretary General, NPF Central, expressed on the day of campaign Kick-off that it is an important day for all as it marks a new relationship between the Nagas and other communities living in Manipur. “This campaign is not only a gathering of a political party, but I can without any hesitation say that it is a gathering of the like-minded people of various communities coming together, especially the Nagas and Meiteis. Today will be a victorious day not only for our common consensus candidate for the outer Manipur constituency Mr. Timothy Zimik but it will also be a victory for the NDA consensus candidate’s inner parliamentary candidate Th. Basanta Kumar. From my party office from Centre Office Headquarters at Kohima, we would like to send him all the best and we assured our support for him as well.

Kikon continued to say that “Leaders and Friends, NPF, is a party that came into being from the 21st of October 1963. It has sustained for the past 6 decades now it is running 61 years old. This is the second oldest regional party in India and oldest regional party in the entire Northeast India. Ever since its formation, it has not looked back but it has stood the test of time. It continues to voice out the rise and aspirations not only for Naga people alone but for the entire Northeastern indigenous people. NPF is not just a political party but it is a people’s movement, a movement in terms of asserting our rights because we are living in a big country like India and therefore our regional identity is paramount. Unless we represent ourselves there will be no one, none to present our grievances and our issues. Therefore, this political platform is no way a Naga Centric party, but it is open to every identity, every association, every organisation that believes in peaceful co-existence, that believes in solving issues through dialogue and peaceful means. This party very often is alleged, and it is called, term, labelled as a party that belongs only to Naga people. It is a Naga Party. Of course, to the critics, that to a certain extent you are also right. Because of the fact that from day one of its formation, it is the Naga people that have nurtured this party this far. Therefore, to a large extent it is also correct. Many times, without a second thought we voice out for the rights of Naga people. In our constitution, we have also inscribed that we will give equal respect and protection to other Naga Communities. This is where the principal and objective of This party stands. Today it is an unofficial joining hands with the rest of the other political party. From the central office I would like to say ‘Big Thank You’ for accepting the principles and objective of the party that it is not a one community centric party, Kikon stressed.

To clear the assumption and confusion of many people as it’s election time, Kikon asserted, “If you think this is a party that knows the Naga people then how do you develop friendship, strengthen relationships with the Naga people? What is more important than extending your support to the NPF? There is an argument that in this 18th Lok Sabha election from the outer parliamentary constituency only Nagas have filed nominations. Yes, it is correct and they are all qualified persons. But if you are looking for a strengthening of relationship with the Naga people while supporting the other candidates, no doubt they are also Nagas by blood but supporting them will be only an individual relationship. But your support through the Naga People’s Front, the common consensus candidate of NDA, Kachui Timothy Zimik, would cement and strengthen your relationship with the Naga people. It will go along with developing relationships in all senses and not only in this election. Manipur is one of its kind where people of various communities live. It is like mini-India types that live in diversity. There are lots of issues that confront this state. NPF has been part of this government from the last tenure till today. You would have experienced many changes in social, political and economic scenarios of the state after the participation of the NPF party in the Government. You all know better; I came from the state of Nagaland therefore the ground reality is better. But observing from a distance, I would say that participation of the NPF relatively changed the situation of Manipur. The living standard of the people has been upgraded.”

“Friends, this party (NPF) if given the opportunity in electing our official candidate, Eno Kachui Timothy Zimik will definitely do justice to all sections of the people as assured by our candidate that his focus will not only be for hill section but equilibrium in terms of development, peace and prosperity for both the hills and valley people. As a party leader I would like to endorse and re-enforce that we will continue to urge and ensure that people’s developmental programs are reached out for both the valleys and hills,” added Kikon.

As an alliance of three political parties, NPF, BJP and NPP were formed for the first time in Manipur, Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh, Hon’ble Minister, Health & Welfare and DIPR said,” What is the better way to show that we are united for the people of Manipur, for the state of Manipur then BJP, NPF and NPP supporting NPF candidate Mr. Kachui Timothy Zimik? I think this speaks volumes about how strong the alliance is. This is for the indigenous people which the government has brought NRC (National Register of NRC). We have taken a resolute resolution in the assembly. There are 8 constituencies in the Valley which fall under the outer Manipur constituency including Jiribam. Here we have 6 ruling MLAs and also strong leaders in the other two constituencies. I believed that They will vote for NPF candidates. I also can assure you that they will definitely vote for Kachui Timothy Zimik as our Hon’ble CM is holding meetings and taking reviews continuously every one or two days. We are ready. We will be supporting. We will be giving our best so that maximum number of votes will be given to our NPF candidate. We are appraising the voters that this year our symbol is Rooster. We are campaigning and giving awareness to the people of the valley. I can give you a strong commitment that we will vote for NPF, said Ranjan.

In an effort to bring normalcy in a war-torn state, peace, integrity, prosperity, development & harmony has been adopted as an NDA slogan in Manipur. “It is a historic moment that all political parties are coming together for one post projecting a candidate in the name of Mr. Kachui Timothy Zimik. I, on behalf of the National People’s party (NPP) would like to place that, on this day, we NPP fully support our NPF/NDA candidate, from the bottom of my heart and from all the workers that we solemnly support and will do our best for the coming election. All the three flags-NPF, BJP & NPP are hoisted here. With this historic moment, I hope and pray that we will win. But it is all in God’s hand. Let’s all pray and walk hand in hand. Let us all join our hands for the glory and victory of our candidate,” Concludes MLA Janghemlung Panmei, 53-Tamenglong, A/C, ST.

(The article is written by Dr. Phungchamnao Ranreiphi Kharei.)


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