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Each one must do our part to preserve the legacy of freedom: Ukhrul DC


(Ukhrul district observed the 77th Indian Independence Day in Bakshi Mini Stadium, Hungpung Ukhrul headquarters with Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner Kengoo Zuringla as the Chief Guest.)

Ekhon| Ukhrul 15 Aug 2023: In her address as the Chief Guest of the 77th observation of Indian Independence Day in Bakshi Mini Stadium, Hungpung Ukhrul headquarters, Ukhrul DC Kengoo Zuringla called on the people to “let us remember that each one must do our part to preserve the legacy of freedom. Freedom of thought and action.”

We must act to strive for progress and thirst for new knowledge, act with wisdom in showing our love for our motherland, she added.

In her hour long address, she spoke on this year’s celebration theme “Nation First. Always First” while also giving an overview of the achievements of various departments in the district as well as the ongoing projects.

Since the creation of Ukhrul District in November 1969 known as Manipur East District, she said Ukhrul has witnessed and experienced progress and development in many areas of social, health and education, to name a few.

The governmental setup with many different departments have created employment,and educated population, improvement in standard of living, access to information andknowledge, medical facilities, better communication through building of roads and bridges, construction of community facilities and so on.Kengoo shared that departments function, coordinate and make concerted effort for continuous progress.

The Ukhrul District Police continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining peace and safety in the district, she said.

She also mentioned that “in response to the State Government’s “War on Drugs” campaign, a combined team of Ukhrul District Police along with District administration, 6-MR, Forest Dept. and NAB had carried out extensive destruction of illicit poppy plantation at various places in Ukhrul District from 1st January 2022 onwards.

Altogether about 868 acres of illicit poppy plantation have been destroyed. During the same period, over 90 Kgs of Brown Sugar and 55 kgs of opium were recovered and seized in different FIR cases and 16 persons were arrested, she shared.

With the increase in the number of vehicles, traffic management in and around Ukhrul town has become a major challenge for the district police. Despite limited strength ofaround 35 (thirty five) civil police NDF combined are utilized daily for regulating traffic which reduced motor accidents. For the past 6 years 14 accident cases were reported, Kengoo said.

Meanwhile, two new Border Police Outposts are coming up near Border Pillar No. 129 & 130 at Tusom CV and another one at Poi Village near Border Pillar No. 126, No 127, the construction works of which are in progress. This new police ststions, the DC said will check entry of illegal immigrants and import of banned products.

A total of 60.36 kms are in progress according to DC Kengoo.

Addressing the problem of substance abuse among the youths in the district, the DC said promising youths who are unemployed are vulnerable to social problems like drug addiction and alcoholism and it is important to equip them with skills, and create employment.

She said that the District Skill Committee has formulated plans to provide employment through different training courses. All youths have the opportunity to enrol in the program offered by the District Skill Committee.

St George School Girls bagged first position in the Parade March Past while Oriental Naga Academy and The Higher Themzan School were adjudged second and third respectively.

Meanwhile, appreciation certificates were distributed to 78 individuals from 22 different departments of Ukhrul district.The 77th Indian Independence observation was attended by DLOs and well wishers.

In total 33 contingents including ex-servicemen and police departments participated at the March Past with Ukhrul DSP Khwairakpam Sunil led the contingents as the parade commander.


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