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Get to Know Kachui Timothy Zimik, NPF/NDA Outer Manipur MP Candidate


EKHON| UKHRUL: Kachui Timothy Zimik, now a Naga consensus NPF/NDA (NPF-BJP-NPP) Outer-MP candidate for the 18th Lok Sabha Election was a retired IRS, Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Ministry of Finance (Revenue) for Government of India (GOI). He was basically from Lungpha Village, born on 14th January 1962 but settled in Sinakeithei village as his permanent residence. As Zimik is determined to use his knowledge and experience gained in his 36 years of service to work towards the betterment and upliftment of Manipur, let’s get an insight on his background, achievements and his vision.


K Timothy Zimik is the son of Luiraphang Zimik, the first Christian Headman of Lungpha Village and Masathei Zimik, a farmer and mother of eight children. His wife Phungamla Zimik is a professional artist. She was running her art classes in South Bombay. She has taught various arts to more than 1000 students.

Zimik has three children- Haksing Zimik, Sr. Project Manager, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Dubai, Kazing Zimik, Fashion Designer, New York USA, and & Yang Zimik, M.A, American Film Institute (AFI), Los Angeles, USA.

Educational Qualifications:

K. Timothy Zimik was a Research Scholar at JNU, New Delhi before joining the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). He completed his Master of Arts in the School of International Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi and his Bachelor of Arts from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong. He was a meritorious student. He secured 1st Division in Pre-University from Patkai Christian College, Nagaland, and Matriculation from Don Bosco, Imphal & a topper.

Zimik has also completed a Management program from IIM, Bangalore, an Executive Management Program from Washington and Syracuse, USA (2011) & Management Program from Ottawa, Canada (1997).

Professional Work Experience

As Zimik worked in the Income Tax Department, he possessed vast experience in top-level administration in the Ministry of Finance and the legal field. He held many important positions in his department while posted in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities of India.

Feathers on Zimik’s Hat

1) Timothy is a National Chess Player and a Chess Champion at North-East Hill University, Meghalaya.

2) He was the President of the North-East Officers & Professionals Welfare Association, Kolkata.

3) He was the Chairman of Guwahati Christian Fellowship, Guwahati.

4) He was the Advisor of the Naga Student’s Mumbai.

5) He was the President of the Tangkhul Student’s Union, Delhi.

6) He was the General Secretary of the Tangkhul Student’s Union, Shillong.

Zimik’s Philanthro-Activism

As a strong believer in Christian principles and values in public life including the political field, Zimik has been giving his best in helping people in various ways.

1) Cruise Ship Job: He opened up the opportunity for many people especially women to get high-paying jobs in the cruise line industry. Over 100 people have been recruited and have made their careers in this industry. As he created the prospect with a recruiting company like Royal Caribbean, many people were recruited and the lives of many families in Manipur, especially Tangkhuls have been drastically improved economically.

2) Merchant Navy Jobs:
Zimik has helped more than 40 young men get jobs in various lucrative foreign-based shipping companies.

3) Hospitality Jobs:
When Zimik came to Mumbai in 1994, there were hardly any people working in the hospitality industry (Hotels & Restaurants) from Manipur. He helped many people to get a job from a slow trickle to now thousands. Those first breakthroughs allowed people to get a foothold and make a reputation as hard-working and diligent professionals. Some of them moved to the cruise lines and became senior professionals in the industry, and some have started their successful restaurants as entrepreneurs. Zimik is proud of their achievement.

4) Treatment of Cancer Patients:
Zimik with his wife Phungamla Zimik, has helped over 35 families to get treatment in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai Hospital and Jaslok Hospital. They help them with their funds as well as by raising money from charity organisations to pay their medical bills.

5) Repatriation of Dead Persons:
If someone from the community died in a tragic case, Zimik made the arrangements and helped transport the body back to their hometown in Manipur for their last rites.

6) Activism & Philanthropy:
Zimik is also an emergency contact point for many people who were in Mumbai from the mid-1990s to early 2010. He gave shelter to those who seek at his home and many parents made him a guardian for many young men & women. He was an active participant in student union, church and college social activities. He has also sponsored coaching fees for students impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic to write board exams in a few villages including Sinakeithei.

Issue-Based Publications & Public Speeches

Zimik is deeply concerned with socio-political issues that are hurting the poor people in particular and the communities in general. He is committed to bringing positive changes through inclusive development in the state. He has written and published many well-researched articles in the Newspaper from across the state. Some of the topics about his articles written and public speeches delivered are:
1) Economic Development: Special focus on the poorer section of the people of Manipur.
2) The Indo-Naga Peace Settlement.
3) Economic Backwardness of the Hills of Manipur
4) Ownership & Protection of Tribal Lands in Manipur.
5) The Delimitation Issues of Manipur.
6) Constitutional issues relating to article 371 (c), HAC, ADC Bills and more.
7) Unequal & unfair division of revenues between the advanced Imphal Valley districts and the marginalised backward Hill districts of Manipur.
8) Ownership & protection of mineral rights of tribal people in Manipur.
9) Youth empowerment & women empowerment.
10) Rampant corruption in Manipur, its effects on the poor people, and solutions thereof.
11) Need for quality education and employable education
12) Agriculture and farming-related issues.
13) The leadership issues in socio-economic & political issues.

Zimik’s Mission is to Focus on:
1) Quality education: To produce capable, competitive & employable talents in various fields.
2)Horticulture-Agroforestry as an Alternative to Poppy plantation: Eco farming, biodiversity revival, sustainable & profitable environmentalism & ecological balance.
3) Agriculture Innovations- Integrated & innovative farming, agroforestry-based industries such as food processing.
4) Eco-Tourism & Hospitality.
5) Fruit Wine Industry.
6) Equal Distribution of Wealth.
7) Enhance the Service Sector.
8) Effective Corruption-Free Governance
9) Entrepreneurs: Harness Human Capital & Skill Development.
10) Women & Youth Empowerment: Unleashed human resource potential.
11) Sports, Healthcare, Markets, Hydro-power & Information Technology.
12) To utilise the underutilised natural resources.

Zimik’s Vision:
To make Manipur a much better place to live in harmony, shared prosperity and peace.

As a Naga consensus NPF /NDA MP candidate, Zimik call for his people to, “Take a stand today and fight for our rights so that our people have a much better future. Be the change and make a difference in the lives of our people.”

Zimik firmly believes that the valley and the hill people of Manipur working together can bring the required changes. “Having realized the futility of wars and living in fear, we have to take a stand to rebuild and turn Manipur into a very safe place for all communities- a place where there is respect for each other, mutual tolerance, recognition of others’ rights and hope for our future generation,” said Zimik.

(By Dr. Phungchamnao Ranreiphi Kharei)


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