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Global Naga Forum honors Th. Muivah on 90th Birthday and 60 years of service to Nagas


EKHON | UKHRUL: Global Naga Forum (GNF) honors Thuingaleng Muivah on his 90th birthday and 60 years of unyielding service to the Naga Nation.

“Today, as we gather on this momentous occasion, we stand in reverence before a towering figure in the annals of Naga history. We come together to honour and celebrate the remarkable life of Mr. Thuingaleng Muivah, a stalwart of the Naga nation, as he marks his 90th birthday and commemorates 60 years of unwavering dedication and service to our people. A man whose life story embodies the very essence of resilience, courage, and unwavering determination. It is with great reverence and gratitude that we reflect upon the profound impact he has had on our collective journey towards freedom and self-determination.

Mr. Muivah’s story is not merely one of personal triumph, but of resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit of the Naga people. Born into a land scarred by conflict and turmoil, his early years were shaped by the harsh realities of life in the Naga Hills. Raised primarily by his mother, a woman of remarkable strength and fortitude, he learned from her the values of perseverance, resilience, and the importance of standing up for what is right. The loss of his father at a young age only served to strengthen his resolve, as he took on the responsibility of shouldering the burden of his family’s well-being.

His educational journey began in his humble village of Somdal, where the seeds of his intellectual curiosity were first planted amidst the rustic charm of rural life. From these humble beginnings, he embarked on a quest for knowledge that would shape the course of his future endeavours. Continuing his schooling in Ukhrul, Mr. Muivah found himself surrounded by classmates from Nagaland, predominantly Ao Nagas and a Chakhesang, Rev VK Nuh. In those days, Ukhrul was a beacon of educational opportunity for Nagas, with its excellent teaching staff and affordable cost of living. Despite the challenges of accessing quality education in a remote region, he persevered, fuelled by a thirst for knowledge and a deep-seated desire to empower himself and his community. It was during these formative years that Mr. Muivah developed a keen understanding of the socio-political landscape of the Naga homeland laying the groundwork for his future role as a leader and advocate for Naga rights.

After completing his education, Mr. Muivah pursued further academic endeavours, graduating from St. Anthony’s College Shillong and later obtaining a post-graduate degree in Political Science from Guwahati University. Armed with knowledge and a sense of purpose, he returned to his roots, where he served as the Head Master in NK High School Somdal, imparting not only knowledge but also the values of integrity, compassion, and resilience to his students.

In 1964, Mr. Muivah’s life took a dramatic turn when he was approached by Mr. R. Suisa, former MP and Advisor to Vice President, Federal Govt. of Nagaland, to join the Naga national movement. Recognizing the urgency of the cause and fuelled by a deep sense of patriotism, he heeded the call to action, embarking on a journey that would forever alter the course of his destiny.

The years that followed were marked by unimaginable trials and tribulations as Mr. Muivah, alongside his comrades, faced the full force of oppression and persecution. From the treacherous terrain of the Himalayas to the dense jungles of Southeast Asia, he endured untold hardships in his quest for Naga self-determination. The journey to China in 1965, fraught with starvation, sickness, and constant harassment, stands testimony to his unwavering commitment and resilience in the face of adversity.

Despite facing the threat of capital punishment and numerous attempts on his life, Mr. Muivah remained steadfast in his dedication to the Naga cause. His unwavering belief in the inherent birth-right of Naga self-determination fuelled his resolve, inspiring countless others to join the struggle for justice, equality, and sovereignty.

In 1965, President NFG, with the approval of AZ Phizo, deputed Mr. Muivah to China alongside Brig. Thinuoselie and about 300 Naga soldiers. The arduous journey, known as the Marathon March, took over a year and was filled with peril and uncertainty. They faced starvation, sickness, and constant harassment from the Burmese and Kachin armies. It was a small miracle that, in early 1967, they made it to Yunnan, where Mr. Muivah remained for nearly a decade until the Shillong Accord.

After denouncing the Shillong Accord, Mr. Muivah, along with Isak Swu and Khaplang, faced the threat of capital punishment. His life hung in the balance as he narrowly escaped death on multiple occasions. Following the split with Khaplang, he survived yet another attempt on his life, enduring unimaginable hardship as he sought refuge in the forests, hunted by enemy factions.

From childhood, Mr. Muivah was a patriot and Naga nationalist, deeply committed to the cause of Naga self-determination. He believed that it was the inherent birth-right of the Naga people to determine their own destiny, free from external interference or oppression. His unwavering dedication to this principle has been the driving force behind his decades-long struggle for justice and sovereignty.

Today, let us reflect on his enduring legacy and the profound impact he has had on our collective journey towards freedom. His leadership, sacrifice, and vision continue to inspire us to strive for a better future, where every Naga can live with dignity, pride, and freedom.

On behalf of the Global Naga Forum, I extend our deepest gratitude to Mr. Muivah for his unparalleled service to our nation. May his birthday serve as a beacon of hope in a world darkened by oppression and injustice, and may his legacy inspire us to continue the fight for justice, equality, and sovereignty for all Nagas. Kuknalim!”


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