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Inter School Cultural Meet held in Ukhrul


Ukhrul, May 29, ’23: The Inter-School Cultural Meet was held to commemorate World Cultural Day in Ukhrul with seven schools from Ukhrul Town area participating in various competitions on May 26 at Old UBC Jubilee Hall, Kamphasom, Ukhrul District. The event was organized by The talk with Sorinthan Haorei powered by Indigenous Hills Network under the theme ‘Own your identity’.

The event saw competitions under six disciplines which included, Pheichak, Haolaa, Hao Sari, Ra Kharak, Sopkai kharak and Khangatuk. Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School went home winning in three disciplines namely, Pheichak (Folk Dance), Khangatuk (Wrestling) and Sopkai kharak (Bamboo basket weaving). Model High School won the Haolaa competition. While, Ukhrul Central School and Alice Christian Higher Secondary School won Hao Sari (Tribal Wear competition) and Ra Kharak (weaving) competition respectively.

Sorinthan Haorei, CEO of Hills Indigenous Network said the event is a follow up to the previous year’s school level literary meet held at Ukhrul Town Hall. In his short exhortation, he emphasized on the theme ‘Own your identity’ saying each one of us are the ambassadors of Tangkhul tribe. Through today’s event, I want all of you to know your identity and know who you are. I want us all to accept and be proud of being a Tangkhul, he added.He also reminded the youngsters that despite going places and learning other cultures and practices, at the end of the day they will remain a Tangkhul and so it is imperative for us to “own your identity”.

The competitions were Judged by three elders Kala Academi Awardee Guru Rawung Shimray, Awo Chamthar and Jonathan Awungshi from Hao cultural Academy. Well known Tangkhul designer and graphic artist Easternlight Zimik also made his presence known as one of the judge for Hao Sari competition.

Kala Academi 2011 Awardee, Newman Hungshi who trained the students of Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School was also present to encourage and support the youngsters in the event. Around 800 audience including students and community elders were present at the vibrant event.


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