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Manipur unrest affects Ukhrul hospitals, banks, offices


Ukhrul, 18 May, 2023: The communal violence in the State may not have direct impact in Ukhrul district but it is certainly creating a rippling effect in Government offices including hospitals, banks and departmental offices.

According to Dr. Reisang Raikhan, the Medical Superintendent in Ukhrul District Hospital the healthcare services has been severely affected as the staffs from the valley have returned to their homes, leaving the hospital under stress.

He said that Ukhrul district hospital have always been understaffed even prior to this incident. At the time of writing this report, there are only four MOs out of 7 (whereas per sanctioned Authorization 14 Medical officers has to be posted). Of which 3 officers from the valley have taken leave for safety measures. However, Dr. Reisang Raikhan informed us that they plan to include all serving medical officers in the next week’s roster.

Meanwhile, Komuni Saprina, Manager of the Punjab National Bank in Ukhrul Mini Secretariat is left to service the bank alone with the sweeper after four staffs from Imphal took leave from work.

She apprised that to effectively function the bank, they need at least two staffs in the system. For now customers are left with few basic services including checking balance, bank statement, ATM card related issues in the bank.

However, life in general in the district is fairly normal with some changes in transportation routes.


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