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Naga Women denounces gangrape of two Kuki women, demands capital punishment


Ukhrul: Condemnations are pouring in from across Naga women organizations over the viral video that shows two Vaiphei women degraded by Meitei mob on 4th May, 2023 the day after the violence broke out in Churachandpur district on 3rd May.

Paraded naked, molested and gangraped by group of Meitei men, the video has garnered shocked and resentment to all walks of life across the country.

Naga Women Union (NWU), apex body of all Naga women organization “is utterly anguished to see two Kuki – Zo women inhumanly treated by a large mob in the cruellest manner, saying that “It is a total dishonouring of women community as a whole.”

While Naga Women’s Union (NWU) along with other women activists from across the state has been advocating for Peace and Harmony, the savage incident the Union said has made them cry out in anger.

It further stated that, “Every right thinking person must condemn such sickening act.”

The Union that regards morality and spirituality as the highest accord strongly condemned such behaviour committed upon women.

“There is no means to justify at any cost neither the incident be called for any excuses. The competent authority must immediately booked all the involved perpetrators and punish befittingly to the depth of Capital Punishment for slaughtering womanhood if the rule of law still exists in the state”, it said.

Meanwhile, Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL), Tangkhul women apex body in its condemnation note “denounced the coldhearted action committed to the two innocent women”.

TSL said it is aghast by the video viral parading two helpless tribal women from Vaiphei ethnicity naked, tortured and gang raped by Meitei mob.

It further mentioned that, “TSL is short of words to express our distress; how an advanced community such as Meitei can stoop down so low beyond human decency. We cannot imagine a society that does not respect human dignity, a society that nurtured rapist of a sister, a mother and a daughter. The incident only exposes the hegemony and oppressive nature of Meitei society.”

The organization headed by Thingreiphy Lungharwoshi questioned, “Can any decent society tolerate such cruelty and inhumanly action committed against innocent woman?”

The ethnic conflict between the two communities continues to be grim in Manipur with continued fresh violence erupting in peripherals.


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