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Poumai Shillong student body plants Cherry saplings at Naamai Zho


Senapati: A one day awareness program cum tree plantation drive was initiated by Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM), Shillong in collaboration with Senapati Forest Division and Naamai Eco-tourism Society (NETS) on the theme, “Climate Action: Preserve and Explore the Beauty of Nature” at Naamai Zho.

The initiative which is the first of its kind in the District witnessed planting of thirty cherry saplings and installation of tree guards. Poster and signature campaign to motivate people to not wait but act and adopt green living were highlight of the event.

Speaking on the occasion, P.K. Francis, the President of Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM), Shillong said, “There is growing momentum around the world to harness the power of education to combat and adapt to climate change and ensure young minds cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills needed to take action. We want to exemplify how our vacations can be positively channeled for social engineering”.

Benjamin Ziipao, the range officer, Liyai Forest Range shared, ‘Our past experiences have taught us the futility of planting saplings without management. The lessons learnt help us model a fresh system where sustainability is the prime focus. The model ensures optimization of resources by planting less number of saplings following Good Agricultural Practices and ensuring effective protection mechanism from any potential threats that pose a threat to their survival.”

Taking care of the planted saplings is more important than planting thousands of saplings that go unattended.There is an urgent need to plant trees with a sense of ownership and belongingness. Adopting trees and building fraternity ties with them is a responsibility”, remarked Chiziinai Easter Khonah.

Y Mathew, the President of Naamai Eco-tourism exhorted the novel initiative of the student’s community and urged other CSOs, society, churches, and individuals to adopt trees and play essential role in mitigating the impact of climate change. ‘

Trees are a symbol of dignity. It is not by chance that trees die standing. And so let us, with this symbolic gesture of today, remind ourselves that we need to do everything we can for a healthy planet’, he said.

The program ended with a pledge from the participants to adopt the saplings till they attain the age of seven years and endorsing environmental stewardship as a way of life.


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