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Sunflower Girls advocate environment and community well-being


By Mingyashin Shaiza

EKHON | UKHRUL: Last saturday marked the joyful celebration of the Sunflower Girls’ 3rd anniversary, intertwined with the spirit of Advent Christmas, under the theme “And they shall call Him Emmanuel.” The group, formed by seven girls aged 8 to 13 in 2020, has not only maintained their strong bond but has also evolved into advocates for environmental consciousness and community well-being.

At the heart of the celebration was Ati Hungyo, owner of a traditional accessories custom-made business, who has been a steadfast supporter of the Sunflower Girls since their inception. “These children, like any other children, are in their age of curiosity. It is our duty to support and encourage their creativity, curiosity and help them explore their talent,” expressed Hungyo.

The program featured singing of their theme song, “Like a Sunflower,” distribution of Christmas gifts, and a speech by Yameilo Khongreiwo, a member of the group. Khongreiwo elaborated on the chosen theme and extended gratitude to those who supported and contributed to the success of the program.

Shonri Shaiza, another member of the Sunflower Girls, emphasized that the celebration aimed not only to bring loved ones together but also to spread the message of love and warmth of Christmas to all children. “We also want to bring awareness to the children about the children’s responsibility in keeping our place clean and safe, advocating for a reduction in plastic usage,” added Shaiza.

The Sunflower Girls initially formed as a means to maintain connections with friends who moved away from the neighborhood. However, their mission expanded to include raising awareness about plastic pollution, promoting healthy eating habits, and fostering a sense of responsibility for maintaining a clean neighborhood.

The group has organized various activities, including close group cooking competitions, painting competitions, card making, baking sessions, talent shows, and neighborhood clean-up initiatives. The Sunflower Girls continue to grow not only as a symbol of friendship but also as a beacon of positive change in their community.


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