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MLA Ram Muivah inaugurate Veikhang Katamnao Long General Conference cum Sports Meet


EKHON| UKHRUL: Addressing the youth of Veikhang area, Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah said the strength of youth power is indescribable and has the potential to drive positive change in the community while he inaugurated the Veikhang Katamnao Long’s 20th general Conference cum Sports, Literary and Cultural Meet on Friday at New Life Mission Compound, located between Nungshong Khunou and Shangching village, Ukhrul district.

During his inaugural speech, Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah encouraged the young people of Veikhang area to explore their potentials and use their voices to bring about positive changes in the society. He emphasized how the ability of youth to have influence and authority over their own lives. Adding that the strength of youth power is indescribable and has the potential to drive positive change in the community.

Moreover, Muivah urged the young generation not to neglect their studies while emphasizing on the importance of education in shaping not only their individual lives but also the development of the entire society. Education equips young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate through life’s challenges and pave the way for a better future, he added.

Apart from Education, Muivah also called upon the youth to enhance their skills and competency, which is essential for the overall growth of society. He acknowledged that the district has produced many prominent personalities and literate individuals but still faces economic backwardness. He believes that this is our Achilles heel as a community and emphasized the need to address it.

Meanwhile, Shimreingam Kasar, president of Veikhang Katamnao Long strongly urged the Veikhang area villages to live in peace and harmony amid differences. He also called on the youth to take active role in nation building and move forward in life and development.

Veikhang area is made up of seven units namely, Nungshong Khunou, Nungshong Khullen, Khangkhui Khullen, Khangkhui Phungdhar, Choithar, Luireiphung and New Life Mission Compound. Celebrated under the theme “Facing Forward”, Veikhang Katamnao Long 20th General Conference cum Sports, Literary and Cultural Meet will continue till 24th January.


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