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Ukhrul District Election Officer appeals for peaceful poll


EKHON|UKHRUL: As the biggest festival of democracy begins in the country with no exception to Ukhrul district with two assembly segments, DEO/Deputy Commissioner Zuringla Kengoo, IAS affirmed that the district is all set and ready for poll day.

In press release today, DEO/DC appealed to the general public for free, fair and peaceful conduct of the 2nd phase to 18th Lok Sabha Election on 26th April 2024 and expresses hope that no untoward incidences would take place on the day of poll. The DEO/ DC has called on voters to make this election participative, inclusive and a truly democratic exercise in line with this year’s national voter’s day theme, “nothing like voting, I vote for sure”.

Election theme urged individuals to value each and every vote and also insisted voters to play a significant role in the world’s largest democracy by casting their vote. The constitution of India quarantees every citizen of India who is 18 years and above the right to vote. Therefore, the DEO urges every eligible voters to come out and participate in exercising their franchise.

Ukhrul District has two assembly segments that is 44-Ukhrul(ST) Assembly Constituency and 45-Chingai(ST) Assembly Constituency. There are altogether 93,869 voters out of which 44-Ukhrul(ST)AC has 46199 (M-22549 + F-23650) and 45- Chingai(ST)AC has 47670(M-22960 + F-24710).

44- Ukhrul(ST) AC has a total of 71 polling stations and 4 special polling stations for the displaced persons. There will be 34 men polling stations and 37 will be reserved for women polling personnel. This assembly segment will have 1 model polling station.

45- Chingai(ST) AC has 70 polling stations in which 8 stations will be for women polling personnel and the rest 62 will be engaged to men polling personnel. It will have 1 model polling station for this segment. Facilities for the PWD identified polling stations are well arranged in both the segments.

DEO/DC will deploy 670 polling personnel out which 180 are women for the two assembly segments. There are 19 Sector Officers and 21 Micro Observers. It will also uses 414 Vehicles both light and heavy for the election. The total security personnel to be deployed are 13 companies from central forces (10 BSF Coy & 3 CISF) and 547 police & 357 VDF/HG from the state.


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