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Ukhrul| Massive Rally held to resolve Indo-Naga political issue


Ekhon| August 9, 2023: In a show of public support, massive rally was held for resolving Indo-Naga political based on the Framework Agreement that was signed between NSCN IM and Government of India in 2015 in all Naga inhabited districts of Manipur on Wednesday.

In Ukhrul around thirteen thousand people from all walks of life took part in the rally.

The rally called by United Naga Council (UNC) and supported by all Naga civil bodies including Naga Women’s Union, Naga People’s Organisation (NPO), All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM), TNL etc is held simultaneously at all four Naga inhabited districts name Senapati, Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Chandel district of Manipur.

The rallyist shouted slogans during the procession. “No solution No Peace, Stop playing divisive policy, Implement Framework Agreement, We Demand political solution, PM Modi, Walk to talk, Nagas and their land are inalienable, No further bifurcation of Naga areas.” etc.

The rallyists also held placards with messages and statements directed towards the government and PM Narendra Modi. “Govt should focus on mutually negotiated solution, Resolve Indo-Naga political issues, No to imposed solution, Naga flag, Constitution and Integration are inalienable rights of the Naga people,” among others.

The rally that began from two different points – Mission ground and Dungrei junction – later converged at Mini Secretariat office complex gate Hamleikhong, Ukhrul.

Kho John, Advisor and former UNC President lamented that India could not solve the Indo-Naga political issue till now despite signing of the agreement 8 years ago.

Given that the tenure of the present government is coming to an end, in 2024, he hoped that the Indian govt will take it seriously and solved the FA with the NSCN-IM. Adding that the UNC organized the rally in all Naga areas with an expectation that the Delhi government will hear the people’s voice.

Meanwhile social activist Ngachonmi Chamroy urged the Naga communities to renew our spirit of nationalism and reinvent ourselves to way forward to achieve victory for all.

Afterwards a memorandum was submitted to the Prime minister through Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul.

The memorandum stated, “The United Naga Council, the apex organization of the Naga people in Manipur, encompassing 20 Naga Tribes reiterates our uncompromising political aspirations and strong desire for translation of the Framework Agreement into political reality for enduring peace. The signing of the Framework Agreement is well past eight years and we are aware that it has run into a stalemate on interpretation and accommodation of the principal issues of flag and constitution which has been envisaged and implied in the Framework Agreement.”

We therefore call upon the GOI to honour the Framework Agreement in letter and Spirit by accepting the universal fact that Sovereignty lies with people and by extension, that the Naga National flag and Constitution must be an integral part of the shared sovereignty, it added.

It further stated, “We would also like to place that the Naga people will not accept disintegration of Naga land or any act that will adversely affect the interest of the Naga people while attempting to address demands of any other community. We can only state that such misadventures will have serious ramifications that will provoke further senseless violence with different communities. However, we wish to make it clear that another community living in the Naga ancestral homeland will not be left out of the final settlement in consonance with tne mutually agreed upon competencies ….”


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