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Blessing program held for Yangmi Khapai as presidential candidate for TNL


EKHON | UKHRUL: In an intimate ceremony, Hungpung village Authority held a blessing program for Yangmi Khapai for the presidential candidate at the upcoming Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) election in the presence of all the village unit organizations at Ilongshim, Awungtang, Hungpung, Ukhrul headquarter.

AS Peter Wungayung, Chief of Hungpung announced the unconditional support for Yangmi Khapai, former president of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) on behalf of the whole village and invoked a blessing for the success in the election. He encouraged Yangmi Khapai to work with sincerity for the welfare and development of the Tangkhul community. He also called all the village units like Dungrei Public Organization (DPO), Lower Hungpung Public Organization (LHPO), etc to accord full support for the candidate saying that since the inception of the TNL, Hungpung has yet to take the leadership in the apex body and felt that this is the right time for the village to take the seat.

Representatives from the Units also expressed their support by saying that it is the right time for the right candidate and assured their support for Yangmi Khapai’s leadership. Mention may be made that Yangmi Khapai was instrumental in building the present office of the TKS during his tenure in 2011-14.

Addressing the congregation, Yangmi Khapai expressed his joy and appreciation to the Hungpung village authority for wholeheartedly accepting his candidature for the Tangkhul apex body. While he laid his desire to stand for the presidential election, he said it is the support and prayers of the whole village that will take him forward. He admitted that he may not do much for the village like the ministers or the legislators would but if elected he promised to work to uplift the image of Hungpung village while sincerely working towards the welfare of the Tangkhul community.

So far, there are four unofficial candidates for the TNL Presidential election, namely, SA Ramnganing, (incumbent chairman, Tangkhul Wungnaolong), Somimayar, (former ADC), Jollyson Ronra, (former vice president, TNL), and Yangmi Khapai. The date for the election is yet to be announced.


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