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Documentary on the Nagas to release in Amsterdam in April 29


EKHON|UKHRUL: A documentary on the Nagas called “With Nagas, Longest modern war” is set to be released on April 29th, 2024 at Kleine Garmanplantsoen 10 1017 RR, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

According to the trailer, “With NAGAs” is a series of 10 documentaries (episodes) based on a unique culture and history of freedom. The documentary aims to introduce the Naga Peoples in such a fascinating way you not only start to love them but also never want to forget them.”

Watch the trailer here.

According to the official website it said, ‘With NAGAs’ is the story of the resilience of the Naga people. The Nagas are an indigenous people living for many centuries in their ancestral land bordering India, Myanmar and China, despite their colorful culture and generous nature, the Naga struggle for independence remains relatively unknown and is therefore unloved and not supported by the international community. Their homeland is occupied and divided within India and between India and Myanmar. Through political tactics and brute force, Nagas are kept isolated. In spite of the fact that some Nagas fought on the side of the British, and thus prevented the Japanese from conquering all of British India in WWII, the aspirations of 99% of the Naga people were neglected. The will “To be left alone as a free people!” was expressed by all Nagas and documented by the Simon commission as early as 1929. But when push came to shove, they were internationally abandoned by colonial Britain during the formation of the Indian Union and are now, even in this time of postcolonial accountability, referred to as ‘The Nagas, a forgotten story’. Yet Naga culture proves to be strong, it survived more than 7 decades of occupation.”

“Even under such harsh treatment like torture, rape and brutal murder. Because their culture is rooted in nature, their ecological knowledge has been crucial in protecting and preserving their environment. So, Naga culture might provide answers to some of the most pressing problems of our time. Not only could the centuries-old ecological wisdom help to combat climate change, but the other man-made crisis modern society is facing, polarization in politics, as well. Naga society is organized bottom up, with village-state democracy, based upon reaching consensus. The Naga people have a lot to share with the world today. Yet they don’t ask for much in return. The only thing the Naga people need from the international community is to recognize their freedom. After all, as soon as the British left, the Nagas declared their independence. On August 14, 1947, before India and Burma, nowadays called Myanmar. In writing to the United Nations! Besides, historically Nagas were never part of India or Burma. Neither by consent nor by Conquest.”

Earlier last year, the poster of the documentary was displayed at the famous New York Times Square at Manhattan, New York.

The documentary is said to be produced by Kolmans Cube in association with NISC and ICNA and supported by Various Naga Organizations, Naga Villages, Naga Individuals, and others.


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