Monday, June 17, 2024

Churachandpur in complete blackout, ITLF warns Meitei of repercussion


EHON | UKHRUL: Meitei, a community devoid of humanity says Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) after almost a week of complete blackout in Lamka (Churachandpur) and Pherzawl, two Kuki-Zo districts in Manipur.

In a press release by ITLF, it said, ” Since May 3, 2023, the Meitei community has blocked all goods from entering Kuki-Zo tribal areas, including essential commodities and life-saving drugs. On Feb 1, 2024, Meiteis upped their dirty game by sabotaging the only power line that supplies electricity to Lamka (Churachandpur) and Pherzawl, two Kuki-Zo tribal districts, leading to a complete blackout for almost a week. This is a community devoid of humanity.”


It further said, “It is pertinent to note that before the ethnic violence, there were three lines which supplied power to Lamka (Churachandpur) and Pherzawl, but two were destroyed by Meitei miscreants in June, 2023. The remaining line was also sabotaged on two previous occasions before the Feb 1 incident.”

In an apparent warning, ITLF also stated, “We want to remind the valley areas that power lines for the capital Imphal run through tribal hills, National Highway 2 – the main supply line for all goods entering the valley- goes through Kuki-Zo areas, and most
of the source of water for the valley comes from the hills. We have not taken any drastic action despite being repeatedly attacked by Meitei militants like Arambai Tenggol and UNLF because of humanitarian considerations and to avoid a further escalation of the conflict which could cause a humanitarian disaster,” it added.

But we have reached a point where any further instigation will be met with a befitting reply, the statement warned.

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