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Ukhrul DC unveils first tissue paper manufacturing plant in Ukhrul


EKHON|UKHRUL: For the first time in Ukhrul, a Paper Napkin & Tissue, Paper Cups & Plates & Bags Manufacturing plant was unveiled by Kengoo Zuringla, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul District on Wednesday at Khashimla Market Complex, Hungpung. The manufacturing plant blessed and sanctified by Fr. Rajesh, Assistant Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Hungpung was attended by Shangam Shaliwo, Ukhrul DFO, Themreishang T Awungshi, DIC – Ukhrul and Kamjong District Manipur, Lily Jajo, Nercormp Director among others.

The manufacturing plant owned by Tony Enterprise was set up in consultation with the General Manager, DIC – Ukhrul and Kamjong District Manipur and will manufacture range of paper products from customised tissue papers to paper plates and cups.

Congratulating the effort of the Tony Enterprise, Kengoo Zuringla, Ukhrul DC in her inaugural speech said it is encouraging to see our youngsters who learned the skills, come back home and setting up enterprise for the community adding that “we have been waiting for such person to come forward.”
Stating the lack of producing goods and products in the district, the DC noted that our forefathers were practicing barter system which is similar to the present import and export system but in our case, we have only seen import and not export. She cited an example of how we go to Moreh with an empty truck and come back with truckful of their products. Observing that there is a great imbalance in the import-export system and the need to rectify this.

The DC also mentioned the need to make money for self and giving back to the society. “Ningkhan’s need to make money may be for various reason but I am confident that when his business builds up slowly, we can also expect some CSR from him. He will contribute to the society.”

“Small things and humble beginnings always have a greater significance in one’s success story”, she mused.

She addressed the importance of having an enterprise which will provide employment opportunity to people and further promote dignity of labour. She also elaborated on the need of skilled labour by citing an example of how the road from Yaingangpokpi to Ukhrul is halted due to the ensuing situation in the State and thereby not having skilled stone layers, who are mostly Meiteis.

Shangam Shaliwo, DFO, Ukhrul also expressed his joy at the August occasion and apprised that Ukhrul, despite being one of the oldest districts in Manipur do not have many industries to boasts of except for handful of them. He commented on the small but significant step taken by Tony Enterprise in setting up an industry and endorsed the mindset of “small water makes big ocean”.

He also noted how our simple forefathers were self-sufficient and doesn’t depend on external help for their livelihood which he said is the definition of independence. “When we look back, we realised that they could achieve this feat because they are a producer. Today, every one of us have become a consumer. We can’t even produce something as small as a needle. We have no machineries, no human resource, no skill, having said that it is worth encouraging to have a youngster taking up this enterprising effort.”

He went on to add that the district concerned department like DIC, DC and Forest Department will always support the entrepreneurial journey.

Themreishang T Awungshi, General Manager, DIC – Ukhrul and Kamjong District Manipur said there was many consultations done between them about setting up this plant. He credited the valuable consultations over the time period as the reason for the success. He addressed the importance of having constant backward- forward support from the DIC and other departments like the Forest.

From the voice of experience, Vincent from NERCORMP shared his valuable advice on how not to lost patience before the break-even period. He said small enterprises takes up to 2 years to break-even and many enterprises failed because they couldn’t wait.

Meanwhile, Ningkhan Honest Lunghar, Proprietor of Tony Enterprise, a native of Hungpung village who have lived most of life outside of the state realised that there aren’t many industries in the district and mostly depended on products from outside. This realization made him open his eyes to the possibilities of bringing something like a paper industry which he felt is safe and eco-friendly.

He also ensured that the reason why he started this enterprise is because he noticed that “the market is being controlled by the outsiders which means that our people are just consumers. We get the products from outside and when problems happen outside our district or community, we become part of their problem because we do not have our own industry.

On the product service, Ningkhan informed that they will provide customised products as per the client’s need and demand. Apart from everyday use, it will also serve purpose for weddings, restaurants and cafes to have their own logo or signature stamped to make it their own. The quality they will be producing is premium which is a standard quality. Owing to lack of raw materials in the state, he will be sourcing it from Guwahati.

Outside this entrepreneurial pursuit, Ningkhan who is based in New Delhi is also a popular social media influencer in his own right.

Contact Tony Enterprise for more details:
+91 98633 30455 | +91 9205623767


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