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CM Nganingkhui Eco Park: A must visit at Hungpung, Ukhrul


EKHON | UKHRUL: What began as a hobby for hard working couple from Hungpung in Manipur’s Ukhrul district headquarter has now become a project that has led them to pour in not just their all-consuming energy and time but their hard-earned money into it. After close to six years, their effort has turned an ancestral paddy field in Ramva, Dungrei Hungpung to an Eco Park. Named after the family’s late father CM Nganingkhui, the park offers a plethora of outdoor activities as well as scenic beauty that will captivate the visitor’s imagination.

The initial development of the location began in 2016 as a casual hobby with no concrete plan but just an idea to create a cosy spot for the place that has always been the family’s favoured picnic spot. With time the couple’s enthusiasm and passion grew and they began envisioning bigger plan for the ancestral land that has abundant natural form and structures that are quite unique and an easy attraction for visitors. While the work is still ongoing the family has decided to open the park to the public.

In its six years of developing the location, the land that spread across 120–150 acre is watered by two spring water reservoirs that flow throughout the year. The park boasts of a fishery pond, Kiwi farm, paddy fields, boating, green house, home stay, including a ‘haoshim’ log cabin complete with kitchen and bath, an outdoor gallery (under construction), Zipline and other outdoor trails and attractions that is well best to see and explore than described here. The park also has ideal camping area with a view to kill.

CM Nganingkhui Eco Park covers a lot of pluses and options for visitors. For a start, it is close to Ukhrul town, a mere 15 mins drive, the road is motorable and ideal for outdoor mini adventure for a growing family and friends as it has an appeal for both kids and adults alike..

It also makes for an idyllic place to relax, rewind and reflect for individuals who are looking for ‘me time’. Imagine sitting in one of the treehouses with a book to read or write, a canvas to sketch or paint or just a fertile mind to think and reflect. Or lie in the surface of giant rocks and enjoy the panoramic view of fields, hills and mountains. Surrounded by nature, the place has an allure to captivate creative energy

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Ukhrul district as a whole is abundantly gifted with scenic beauty and natural attraction. It will be quite impossible to pick one spot as the best because different places and location carries different appeal and beauty. CM Nganingkhui Eco Park has certainly added to Ukhrul‘s growing tourist attraction simply by its nostalgic beauty and nature. It is also a testament to the passion and hard work put into it by the couple who started it all. Visit here to experience the nostalgic and memories of the place.

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