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Construct new 33 KV Iine from Nungbi to Namrei writes Ram Muivah to Power Minister


EKHON | 6 September, 2023

Ukhrul: As Ukhrul public suffered the brunt of frequent power outages, Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah has written to Th. Biswajit Singh, Minister of Power Department, Manipur to address the issue of Ukhrul’s lone power station, Hundung 132/33KV Sub-Station in Hundung Cement Factory that covered a whooping 500 km line, with a possible permanent solution to the power problem in the district.

Reiterating the Minister of the letter dated March 28, 2023, MLA Ram Muivah once again asked the Power Minister to “disconnect Ukhrul to Tolloi 33 KV line and construct a new 33 KV Iine from Nungbi 33 KV Sub-Station to Namrei 33 KV Sub-Station which is approximately 30 kms, so that Tolloi 33 KV line may be fed from Namrei 33 KV Sub-Station,” as a special case and in the interest of public service.

“132 KV at Hundung Cement Factory supplies power to Ukhrul town 33 KV Sub-Station, Tolloi 33 KV Sub-Station, Namrei 33 KV Sub-Station and Jessami 33 KV Sub-Station and hence, any power disruption either in Tolloi, Namrei or Jessami also automatically shuts the power supply to Ukhrul town. Secondly, there is a separate 33 KV line from Hundung to Nungbi 33 KV Sub-Station, ” wrote MLA Ram Muivah to Th. Biswajit Singh.

This problem, the legislator said can easily be solved by making a dedicated 33 KV line to Ukhrul town only from Hundung Cement Factory 132 KV Sub-Station by:

a. Disconnect Ukhrul to Tolloi 33 KV line.

b. Construct a new 33 KV Iine from Nungbi 33 KV Sub-Station to Namrei 33 KV Sub-Station which is approximately 30 kms, so that Tolloi 33 KV line may be fed fromNamrei 33 KV Sub-Station.

That will permanently eliminate power cut of Ukhrul town without depriving power supplyto any of the above Sub-Stations, the MLA asserted.

When Ekhon visited Hundung 132/33KV Sub-Station back in 28 August, 2023 it was informed that the major issue was bad weather and lack of staff too contributed to the problem as the line covered a whooping length of 500 km.

Station Manager Ramzik Luikham who was present at the time apprised that due to the coverage of long line, it is even more difficult to control the disruption as the lines go through overgrown trees. He felt that more local staff should be employed in the station and reduce the frequency of transfer orders in order to maintain the station more efficiently.

Currently, only five local staff are manning the two power stations at Hundung Cement Factory as non-tribal staff fled to the plains due to security reasons following the ethnic violence in the state that erupted on 3rd May, 2023.


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