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Cosmos/Hordrawon illumines Paorei village


EKHON | UKHRUL: As we reached Paorei village ‘veikhur’ gate, we were engulfed by sea of Cosmos/Hordrawon flowers on each side of the road. Hues of pink and white Cosmos looked as if it was looking out for people as they passed them.

October is the month when Cosmos flower bloomed everywhere in this part of the world to illuminate the places with its quaint beauty. Perhaps the atmosphere around here is favorable for its growth.

Paorei village folks took advantage of this fact and they have put extra effort in planting and nurturing the flowering plants strategically to help attract visitors to this otherwise quiet village with its beauty.

Chinaongam Yangya, Chairman of the Village Development Council said a lot of labour has gone into making this a success and are resolved into making this festival a way to attract tourists and generate income.

In its 2nd edition, the four-day Paorei Cosmos festival is expecting more footfalls this year. Their desire is to let more people come and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

Shangam Shaliwo, DFO, Ukhrul who helped launched the festival compared the flowering of Cosmos with human life saying we must learn from her, and contribute our services at our prime for the welfare of our society.

While, Ringthing Hongchui, Additional SP said herd mentality is quite strong in the community while trying to generate income and felt the need to diversify profession that are well thought out and long term. Long term plans will bring sustainable economy and will bring happiness in life, he added.

Chinaongam Yangya appealed the public to come and visit the festival saying there are other attractions like Phakharok Orchid Park which covers a whopping 10 acres.

The festival that will go on till 14 October 2023 will also witness various exhibitions including flower, handicraft, organic vegetables as well as painting competition.


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