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Easternlight Zimik set to take ‘Kashan/Mekhala’ mainstream at Northeast Festival


EKHON | UKHRUL: In a step that will permanently place backstrap weavers and their craftsmanship in the mainstream fashion, Easternlight Zimik is set to showcase collection of his Kashan/Mekhala of the tribal community on Saturday at the 11th North East Festival to be held from 22nd to 24th December at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium New Delhi.

The designer is set to open the second day’s fashion show with his collection titled “Kashan (Mekhala) Journey”, which is the continuation of his debut collection SHIM, he told Ekhon.

“The journey is about exploring and showing our weavers skill to the bigger platform. The collection wanted to explore to go Kashan /Mekhala more into mainstream fashion and to incorporate our identity to bigger culture and to find channel our weavers for bigger platform, where their skill is appreciated and explored more”, Easternlight emphasized.

He further said, “I want this show to be remembered to all those weavers of our community who still preserve the timeless art of weaving and advocate our identity in the midst of all the dilution..”

Meanwhile, Easternlight Zimik’s collection will be worn by various beauties from the region including Miss Mizoram, Miss Manipur and others who are well-recognised in their respective fields.

Getting the opportunity to showcase at the platform where his work will be witnessed by diverse set of people from across nationalities gives Easternlight a chance to “celebrate the achievement of his community weavers back home and to look beyond our district and explore the possibilities”.

Hailed from the picturesque town of Ukhrul in Manipur, Easternlight Zimik has been consistently proving himself as not just creative but also community driven in his approach to work as a designer and as a tribal individual.

As someone who has been very vocal about his concern and love for his community and the creative development in different fields, Easternlight is excited and thrilled that he will be playing a song called ‘Ramchila‘ by the well known folk band, The Featherheads for the ramp walk. Hoping that this will further “show our talents to the bigger crowds. And my sincere thanks to Amei Horchuingam (band’s vocalist) for allowing me to use his brilliant beats”, shared the delighted Designer.

The North East Festival is acclaimed as Delhi’s most vibrant and liveliest celebration. It boasts an extensive showcase of food, culture, music, fashion and exotic products making it the Capital’s premier event with a spirit of cultural integration.


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