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Haokok United Football Academy wins 4th Maj Bob Khathing Ralengnao Baby League 2024


EKHON | UKHRUL: Haokok United Football Academy is the new Champion of the 4th Maj Bob Khathing Ralengnao Baby League 2024 after beating the Ukhrul Basic Soccer Foundation at the TNL Ground, Ukhrul District. The win came after a lone goal made by Yarshokmi Raihing.

The national football player, K Ngaraipam, the proud owner of Haokok United Football Academy expressed his congratulation saying, “They played their hearts out, showing off their skills and teamwork. Every player gave their best, and their hard work paid off. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown and achieved.”

The win is made even more special because this is their first ever tournament. Major credit goes to P Godwin who painstakingly coached the kids with discipline.

While the Haokok FC was founded in 2019, Haokok United Junior Football Academy began in September 2023, informed its founder, K Ngaraipam. In its five months of training and mentoring, the kids have come a long way.

Haokok United Football Academy is a Residential academy based at Kazipphung High School where they also attended the school. Apart from regular school work, the students are also taught spoken English and computer class as part of their training. The former I-League player also expressed his gratitude to Ambrose Hotel for sponsoring the T-Shirt worn by the junior athletes.

Meanwhile, Haokok FC is all set to play the finale against the Hunphun Phungcham Football Association on Monday, 26th February.


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