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MP Lorho S Pfoze launches Hortrition, an agro based company in Ukhrul


EKHON|UKHRUL: Adding to the growing agro based products in Ukhrul, Outer Manipur MP Lorho S Pfoze on Saturday helped launch an agro-based company called Hortrition by Dr. P Ranreiphi Kharei in Ukhrul’s Credit Union in the presence of Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah and Solim Jajo, who is the brand ambassador of the company.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Lorho said, “we have so much of raw materials in abundance and I think there is someone who will collect this raw material and convert it into something of high value and it will be taken by people with passion.” Hortrition has got a lot of potential and Dr. P Ranreiphi Kharei is someone who will take it to the next level, he added.

MP Lorho felt that as a Christian it is very important to do everything for the glory of God and advice the budding entrepreneur to uphold the biblical verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whether you drink or eat, or do anything, do it for the glory of God.” Adding that, “Unless we do it for the glory of God, it is going to crumble at some point of time.”

Meanwhile, Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah complimented the products of Hortrition as extremely tasteful for his palate, saying it is not too sweet like most other fruit juices. He also wished Dr. P Ranreiphi Kharei a success in her entrepreneurial endeavour.

Later, MP Lorho along with MLA Ram Muivah and Fitness model Solim Jajo jointly cut the rippon of the flagship store at the gound floor of the Credit Union Complex.

Hortrition is an agro-food and horticulture-based manufacturing company started by Dr. Phungchamnao Ranreiphi Kharei in 2018. Besides their own farm produce, the company connects with over 100 farmers to procure the products. According to the company proprietor, “Hortrition manufacture products by sourcing the agro and horticultural crops found in the pristine hills of Ukhrul, Manipur. The products are naturally organic and are manufactured with proper planning and research backed by scientist, nutritionist, and subject matter specialist.”

Currently it is producing range of beverages including Wild Olive, Wild Dates, Wild Berry, Wild Apple, Wild Gooseberry, Plum, Jackfruit, Grapes, Kiwi, Pears etc and Pickles, Candy, Fruit Jam, Squash, Jam, Spices, Cakes & Cookies and Green Tea. The products of which are available at their flagship store at the Credit Union Complex in Phungreitang.

While Dr. P Ranreiphi Kharei is a Doctorate in Electronic Media, Journalism & Mass Communication from the World Peace Institute of United Nations, she is now set to make medicine through food. With a vision for sustainable healthy living through food & lifestyle, the upcoming entrepreneur wants to help practice and create awareness on conservation of biodiversity, eco-farming and its impact and to manufacture indigenous standardized quality food, and agro-related products.

She has completed Food Processing Training, Baking & Mushroom Farming from ICAR Ukhrul, Eco-Farming from celebrity farmer M. Egambaram from Tamil Nadu, and Landscape Designing, funded by Henry Martyn Institute and Soap making from Herbs & Me, organized by IGSSS.

According to the budding entrepreneur, Hortrition faced many challenges in terms of food processing and packaging for mass production due to lack of standardized platform/work shed to manufacture. What is needed to upgrade into large scale business Dr. P Ranreiphi Kharei said is basic industrial equipment such as dryer/dehydrator, power back-up, freezer, distillation machine, sealing machine and mill for flour & spices. While she is managing now with what she has, she felt the need for assistance from the concerned department.

The journalist turned entrepreneur has set her goal to make use of the available resources to the fullest and aimed to enhance the lifestyle of the people to make the saying ‘Let your food be the medicine’ into reality. Hortrition is hoping to make it a joint venture company in future.


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