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Hungpung, Khareiram can unite the Tangkhuls says former MLA Alfred Kanngam


EKHON | UKHRUL: Calling on the people of Hungpung to take a lead in standing for truth, former Ukhrul MLA Alfred Kanngam Arthur said Hungpung as Khareiram, (one of the oldest settlers), can unite the whole Tangkhul. He along with Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner, Kengoo Zuringla was attending the Hungpung Luira Festival, 2024 organized by Hungpung Social and Cultural Committee (HSCC) under the aegis of Hungpung Village Authority at High School Ground, Kazipphung, Hungpung. The two-day event also saw an attendance of all the CSOs head and Departments under the Hungpung jurisdiction.  

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Alfred Kanngam Arthur recalled how his paternal grandmother passed down story of how they originated from Vashimram, Hungpung but at the same time insisting that in this time and age, there is no place for, “We are one, where will you go?” but rather stand for the truth. He strongly advocated that relations don’t matter when it comes to standing for the truth and for the good of the community. If your intention is for the growth of people and for elevating culture and community and not to sell your own people and land, then let’s be united and walk the path of the truth, he exhorted.

The dynamic politician further said that it is in the hands of Hungpung, as part of Ukhrul headquarter, to unite the Tangkhul villages, to bring further development and to give stability to the entire community.  He urged the village to take a firm stand for the rights of the people settling in its jurisdiction and protect their welfare at all costs. It has this right, and it should be used wisely and not misused them, he added.

He shared that he put his trust on the people of Hungpung despite many negative misconceptions about the local adding that he stood firm in making Bakshi Ground as the venue of Shirock festival. He also urged the people to use intellectual influence rather than physical force to bring people together.

Meanwhile, Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner, Kengoo Zuringla sharing her thoughts on Luira festival said that the festival heralds a new beginning and a new growth and the blessings that the Village Chief invoked to the almighty each year for sowing the new seed and bringing good harvest in return.  The DC likened sowing the best seeds for good returns to a parent choosing the best school for their children in order that they learn the best out of it.

If a country has to prosper and develop, the theme of Hungpung Luira festival “Oneness” is the most important factor. We have to contemplate on what kind of seed we are sowing to maintain peace, what kind of life we are placing our children to grow and which ways we should lead them. Let’s live with an example for our young ones to emulate living in oneness, she further asserted.

The unity of this village is well-known to other villages, but she insisted that it is necessary to reflect on where this unity is built on, whether on destruction or growth. She urged that Hungpung should let other villages also enjoy the essence of their being a khareiram.

The DC left with a thought-provoking statement for the people of Hungpung stating, “We hear old tales of valour and wisdom from this village, should we let that remain just a tale?”

Appreciating the endorsement of the four Tang namely, Kasomtang Organization, Hungpung Awungashi Organization (HAO), Lower Hungpung Public Organization and Vashimtang Committee, Hungmaya AS Zimik, Convenor of Hungpung Social and Cultural Committee (HSCC) said he is grateful to them for coordinating and celebrating the Luira festival under the theme of Oneness.

The cultural highlight of the day is the invocation of blessings to the Almighty, Kasa Akhava by the village chief Peter Wungnaoyung for a prosperous year ahead. During the occasion, the Hungpung Awungshi Pareinao Society (HAPS) also launched their new kashan (mekhala).

One attraction that drew the attention of the visitors is the visual display of art works that depicts different crops in a frame along with agricultural artefacts and textile of our forefathers. The space is earmarked for photo-op.

Later, the event witnessed cultural performances like maiden dance and folk dance, and competitions including khangatuk (wrestling), Thingneira khangakhun (tug of war) and Kaharong khangarei (climbing bamboo poles). The evening entertainment will also feature well-known artists and performers including Pakmi Mahong and Yung Yung among many others.


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