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MLA Dipu Gangmei says Hungpung can be an agent of peace in Manipur crisis


EKHON| UKHRUL: Dinganglung Kamei, better known as Dipu Gangmei MLA of Nungba Constituency who attended the 2nd day of Hungpung Luira Festival on Saturday along with Dr. Alyson Abonmai at High School Ground, Kazipphung said “while we celebrate the Luira festival here, it is a heartbreaking reality that there are places in our state, violence and conflict continue to cause suffering and devastation. It is a stark reminder of the need for peace, understanding, and compassion.” Present at the festivities were Peter Wungayung, chief of Hungpung, Somatai Shaiza, SDO, Ukhrul, Ency YL, WHUSA President and her team and other invitees.

Stating that dialogue is the only solution, he felt that Hungpung who share close ties with Meitei should be an agent of peace between the two warring communities and advocate for dialogue to bring peace. “Let’s appeal them to have a dialogue. Violence should never bring solution only sitting across the table and talking to each other. There is no alternative having dialogue. So, let’s be an agent of peace,” Dipu stated.

He also addressed the general misconception of Naga’s stand saying, “Others may say Nagas take a neutral stand at the ongoing Meitei and Kuki clash but we’re not neutral. We are on the side of peace.” Let’s think what we can do to bring peace, he asserted.

He later posted in his social media X account saying, “As we revel in the joy of our festival, let us also reflect on the importance of promoting peace and harmony. Let us extend our thoughts and prayers to those affected by violence and conflict, and work towards creating it more peaceful.”

Guest of Honor at the festival, Dr. Alyson Abonmai who is seeking a ticket at the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha election wished the community a prosperous Luira festival. He made a special mention of Women of Hungpung Unit for Social Advancement (WHUSA) and donated cash towards their upcoming Golden Jubilee. He also called on the community for prayers and support towards his path to nation building and later serenaded the festival goers with his sweet melody.

The 2nd day of the seed sowing celebration saw vibrant cultural performances and demonstrations of seed sowing, matha kathuk, and traditional games and sports including ‘Sigui keher’, ‘Khangatuk’ and ‘thingreira khangakhun’.

Celebrated under the theme Oneness and organized by Hungpung Social and Cultural Committee under the aegis of Hungpung Village Authority, the new year celebration ended with a note of jubilation and hope for a prosperous and peaceful year ahead.


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