Monday, June 17, 2024

JNIMS Doctors remove State’s largest tumour


EKHON | UKHRUL: Doctors at JNIMS, Imphal removed the state’s largest uterine tumor from a 60 year old woman’s body earlier today.

Two uterine tumours weighing 16kg and 5kg, 21kgs in total is believed to be the largest tumour so far reported in the state and was successfully removed by a team of doctors led by Professor Dr. Helen Kamei, Gynae Onco surgeon and Anaesthetist Professor Dr Thoibahenba at JNIMS Operation theatre.

A source told Ekhon that the patient, who is from Shekmaijing came with complaints of increased abdomen size. For her unusual condition, she was often teased by people as being pregnant despite her advance age. However, on examination the patient was found to have huge tumour inside the womb.

The surgery was successfully done and at the time of filing this report, the patient is recovering with all the vital reportedly stable.

In 2023, 54kg of ovarian tumour was removed in New Delhi which was believed to be the largest in the world.


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