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Manipur Catholic to mark 1st year of ethnic conflict with fast and prayer for peace


EKHON | UKHRUL: As the ethnic conflict between the Meitei and Kuki-Zo communities in Manipur is entering its first year on 3rd May, Dr. Linus Neli, D.D. Archbishọp of Imphal called all Catholic faithful in the state to hold a 3-day intense fast and prayer for reconciliation and peace.

The statement from Archdiocese of Imphal appealed the Catholic community to mark May 3rd till May 5th, 2024 to fast and pray to bring peace and reconciliation in the troubled torn state.

While the situation may have relatively relaxed, it said, “we know only too well the present scenario of ethnic segregation and several hundreds of our people still languishing in great distress, pain and uncertainties in relief camps and in undesirable conditions. Let us persistently pray for the day when people of all ethnicities and religious communities can live together peacefully in this beautiful land of Manipur,” the statement further said.

The Archbishop recalled the most horrifying and harrowing days, particularly from 3rd to 5th May 2023 saying, “we should fall on our knees to intensify our prayers for genuine reconciliation and peace with justice among all fellow human beings. Like many responsible communities and organisations, the Catholic Church in Manipur has been in the forefront in humanitarian interventions, in peace dialogue, and in constant prayer for early solution.

Quoting Isaiah 57:18-19 from the Bible, Dr Linus Neli asserted that, “it is our firm confidence that God will hear our prayers and heal our land, guide and comfort our people, and give peace to those who are far away and peace to those who are near.”

He humbly appealed to all people of good will in Manipur to give peace a chance but most earnestly, he exhorted the Catholic Christian faithful in the Archdiocese of Imphal to hold a time of intense fasting and prayer for reconciliation and peace in Manipur in their respective parishes/churches.”


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