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Lum Shaiza’s Things That Grow On Us launches in Ukhrul


“Let’s be a community that tell our stories in our own voice and not a community that listens to our stories from someone else’s voice.”

EKHON | UKHRUL: A collection of poems in celebration of life called “Things that grow on us” by Lum Shaiza, a native of Ukhrul was officially launched Monday at Prologue book store, Viewland, Ukhrul, Manipur. Fourth among six children, she runs a bookstore and a library called Prologue in the heart of Ukhrul town, Manipur.

Launched by her proud and beaming parents, Esau Shaiza and Lakngamphi Shaiza in an intimate event in the presence of family, friends, writer enthusiasts and well-wishers, the “Things that grow on us”, Lum said, is a gathering of poems and verses “Reflecting the passage of time through the ages I have outgrown.”

In his short speech, her father Esau Shaiza said he is pleased that her young daughter took after him in his passion for books and reading. “Now I think I understand why Lum spends all of her night without sleep in front of the computer, I am very proud of her effort, said the proud father.

Addressing the community on the momentousness of writing, Lum Shaiza told Ekhon, “Let’s be a community that tell our stories in our own voice and not a community that listens to our stories from someone else’s voice”.

While the poet has been sharing her poems in her Instagram page, she said it was difficult to share them in real life, especially with her family about her heartbreak, romance and love.

At the launch, the young poet began her sharing by reading the first poem in her book titled “Small pictures” about how she wants to remain a kid and never grow up. Further sharing about the book, Lum Shaiza said, “Things that Grow on Us” is about “the communal resident-ship love and friendship takes up in our memories. It is about nostalgia, laughter, weeping, cheering, and yearning, but above all, this book is a celebration of life for all the ordinary but much-cherished experiences of our days, even the ones we’ll forget. It is about the things that grows on life, on us”, she added.

While it took her two years to prepare for the book to publish, it took her more than a decade to write the poems. Published by Penthrill, a Nagaland based publishing house, she stressed on the advantages and disadvantages of publishing in different state in terms of advertising.

Writing this book, Lum Shaiza said, is the best thing she has done. Divided into three chapters – Age Matters, Sweet Sorrow and Dear Life – the first-time publishing poet highlighted that,” the writings are about coming of age, the flush of experiencing, complicated and complex emotions for the first time, and the struggle of it. It is about love and its many forms. It is about both the fragility and the resilience of family bonds.”

Among the chapters, the young poet professed that the third chapter, “Dear life”, a love letter to life is her favourite. Radiating with warmth and emotion, Lum Shaiza read three poems from the third chapter, “Winter sojourn”, “Door” and “Eclipse”. She closed her sharing with the poem called Epilogue.

Later on, two upcoming poets, Sareo Leiyachon and Thingamphy Horam read their poems that will see the light of day in near future. Meanwhile Yuimi Vashum, known for her book “Love, Lust and Loyalty” also shared her new piece, a heartwarming poem titled “You are enough”.

Mention may be made that this launch came not long after the brilliant Tangkhul author Jim Kasom launched his book “Cradling Memories of My land” in Pasei, Ukhrul.


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