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Zingthanwo premieres in Ukhrul, set for weeklong city tour


EKHON | UKHRUL: ZINGTHANWO, a Tangkhul feature film by Meiphung Production premiered to a jam-packed crowd in its Premiere cum Red Carpet event in Ukhrul Townhall on 10th November, Seema Ks Awungshi, COO of the production house informed Ekhon.

In its first show, Seema Awungshi said the film generated an income of Rs. 3.45 Lakhs from the sale of ticket, adding that the revenue is an added boost to filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

Following the successful premiere in Ukhrul, Meiphung is all set to take the film for a week-long City Tour in four major Indian cities starting from 28 November in Mumbai, 30 November in Chennai, 1 December in Hyderabad and finally in the Capital, New Delhi on 3 December, 2023.

Written by Makanmi Ramror and co-directed by Makanmi Ramror and Seema Ks Awungshi, the period drama, new genre for Tangkhul film industry was set in the head hunting days. Set at the backdrop of two village, Zingthanwo (Morning Star), is a tragic love story in Pre-Christian era, featuring Reingaphan Awungshi and a debutant, Philayung Jajo as leading actors. The film was said to be shot in three different locations including Tingshong village, between Shirui and Mapum village and Chingjaroi khullen village.

Zingthanwo, according to Seema Awungshi, is the biggest budget film so far from Meiphung Production with maximum crews in attendance working behind the scene. She also addressed the importance of not just nurturing talent but also generating employment to actors. Meanwhile, the two leading actors in the film were each paid 50 thousand for the film that took three months to complete.

Zingthanwo also saw a jump from the usual contemporary based films Meiphung Production produced to a period genre. The genre that is seen to be garnering interests for Tangkhul filmmakers as is evident from the recent film Samkhok.

Seema further informed that Meiphung has a tradition of awarding one individual for their contribution and achievement in Film-making. This year, a Special Award for directing maximum feature film was awarded to Actor-Director Assurance Raikhan who has till now directed 16 Tangkhul feature films. Assurance Raikhan is also the president of All Tribal Film Organization, Manipur (ATFO).

The premiere saw attendance of special guests and invitees including Ayung Sayai, CAO, WTR, Wungpam Raikhan, Social Worker, TNFA President among others.

Founded in 2014, Meiphung Production with a motto “Semkasa Ithot” (Let’s build our generation) aimed to nurture talents and support film-making in the community. In its ninth year, it has produce seven films, employed several talents, hosted Red Carpet events, tour major Indian cities and duly is instrumental in reviving the Tangkhul film industry after a long hiatus.


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