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Meiteis, Kukis, Americans, or Chinese won’t dictate our fate says Naga Army Chief


EKHON | UKHRUL: “Unity is our calling. External influences won’t mold our destiny—the Meiteis, Kukis, Americans, or Chinese won’t dictate our fate” said General Anthony Ningkhan Shimray, MC VC, Longvibu Naga Army cum coordinator of India Naga Political Talk on Saturday while he was addressing the audience at the Interactive Programme on Indo Naga Peace Talk in collaboration with Chandel Naga People’s Organization (CNPO) at Chandel’s AC Battalion.

His complete speech reads,

“My heartfelt thanks for the gracious welcome, especially extended by Chandel Naga People’s Organization. Your presence, including that of the women’s groups, holds a special place in my heart, and I’m eager to illuminate the path toward our shared future.

Allow me to share an ancient Chinese parable that resonates deeply: An elderly man, passionate about nurturing plants, once planted an apple tree. A young man questioned its worth, arguing the old man wouldn’t live to taste its fruits. The wise elder, recognizing a lifetime of consuming fruits planted by others, found contentment in sowing seeds for future generations. He trusted in the promise that the finest generations yet to come would savor the apples he had planted.

We face an array of challenging situations. In such moments, wisdom prevails in seizing elusive opportunities. They might not always present themselves, yet a wise individual crafts opportunity even in their absence. The pinnacle of wisdom lies in molding these opportunities in one’s favor.

The Nagas, or the NSCN, often engage in blame games. My journey of 42 years within a revolutionary army and over two decades dedicated to foreign diplomatic missions wasn’t just about service. I cooked, cared for leaders, managed household chores, and through it, recognized God’s perfect provisions, even in the form of these opportunities.

Despite enduring hardships, including imprisonment and severe assaults, I stood resilient. For me, a problem isn’t an obstacle unless abandoned. Instead, every challenge is a blessing. My faith lies in the God who parted the Red Sea; with a clear vision, I feel unstoppable. Dear youths, while you’ve diligently studied historical narratives, now is the time to craft our own history and legacy. Are we merely consumers of others’ accomplishments or lamenting the absence of a red-carpeted path? There’s little joy in dining on others’ efforts; true fulfillment is derived from harvesting from our own gardens.

Unity is our calling. External influences won’t mold our destiny—the Meiteis, Kukis, Americans, or Chinese won’t dictate our fate. Our true advocate, our unwavering ally, is Christ. Today, I’m not urging you to embark on insurmountable missions or coerce you into joining the Naga Army against your will. Instead, I extend an invitation to craft history together.

Let us center our focus solely on God and His favor. This isn’t solely an NSCN war; it encompasses your land, forests, homeland, homes, and people. Youths and the people of Chandel, the responsibility to lead is in your capable hands, and we stand ready to support. In Chandel, your people are the fiercest defenders of your land. Do not miss this opportunity. Let us ensure that when God empowers and beckons, we respond valiantly, fighting courageously for His cause. For one last time, let’s unite unwaveringly in the noble cause of the Naga national movement, standing proudly as Naga and fostering our heritage and aspirations together.”


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