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J Leishisan, Poet, Dilip Kumar of Tangkhul dies at 90


EKHON | UKHRUL: Noted writer and poet, J Leishisan, known for his immense contribution to Tangkhul literature passed away Sunday morning at his residence in Dungrei, Hungpung, Ukhrul headquarter. The 90 year-old writer hails from Phalee village and survived by his wife, five children and several grandchildren.

Leishisan Jagoi published his first and only book ‘Malan Laa’ (poetry in Tangkhul & English) in 1973. However in the 60s, he had contributed many articles to various students’ periodicals including Mathotmi & Zingran. The works of which are still remembered by people. Some of his poems are incorporated in the Tangkhul literature text books.

Born in 1934, he was an alumni of Cotton College, Guwahati. He nursed a deep desire to become an actor but later joined the Forest Department as Forest Ranger & retired as the Divisional Forest Officer, Ukhrul. With his uncanny resemblance to Bollywood heartthrob, he was better known as Dilip Kumar of the Manipur Forest Department.

His son Rinmayai Jagoi fondly remember his father as a romantic person with a cool temperament. Another relative pointed out, “Kaphungli yanglaga kachapchi amanga”, proving his deep connection and love for nature.

He lived out his retirement in bliss with his beloved wife, J Mahala at Dungrei, Hungpung Village. His death is an end of an era. But like he wrote in his “khanaowa Chithi” in ‘Malan laa’, “Wonpamsalo wonpamli maringting.”

To better describe Late J Leishisan, here’s the verbatim of R. Ruiva Shimray who wrote a foreword to his book ‘Malan Laa’ (1978).

“Finally about the author and his book MALAN LAA, I have this much to say. To the reading public Qr. J. Leishisan (also known to his friends as L. Dilip Kumar of the Manipur Forest Department), will be a new name since “Malan Laa’ happens to be his first publication. But with those who had read the Tangkhul Students’ Periodicals like, Mathotmi ( 1964-65 ) and ZINGRAN of the Imphal Union he must have been familiar enough.

Judging from his previous writings (Articles contributed to different Periodicals in Tangkhul dialect ) Qr. J. Leishisan can certainly be counted as one promising writer of the younger generation. One can easily find in him a typical day of narrating events or facts with a tinge of romance and adventure. As a nice dish could only be produced through cooking with varieties of spice, likewise art of writing essentially requires adventure and imaginations rather than presenting facts as bare facts. The writer in course of our conversations expresses his desire and determination to write many more books in future in case the reading public would willingly cooperate. I wish him sincerely a very bright future and prosperity in his future undertakings, in the realms of literature.”



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