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MP Lorho Urges Finance Minister for Swift Reassignment of Displaced Bank Officials in Manipur


In a letter addressed to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Hon’ble Minister of Finance of India, Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Lorho Pfoze has raised a pressing issue concerning the internally displaced Public Sector bank officials in Manipur. The letter highlights the urgent need for immediate attention and reassignment of these officials to ensure stability and a conducive environment for their families.

The communal violence that erupted on May 3, 2023, between the Kuki and Meetei communities in Manipur has resulted in the displacement of several bank officials and their families. MP Lorho expressed deep concern for the affected officials, many of whom have school-going children facing difficulties in continuing their education due to the lack of a settled environment.

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He emphasizes the necessity for these families to receive the required support and resources from their respective national banks. MP Lorho urged the Finance Minister to expedite the process of reassigning the officials to their new posts, providing them with much-needed relief and stability.

Recognizing the exceptional circumstances under which these officials have been displaced, MP Lorho also called for their leaves from the office to be considered without any loss of pay. This humanitarian gesture would alleviate the financial burden already faced by the affected employees and demonstrate the support and empathy of the banking system towards its own staff.

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Furthermore, the MP stressed the importance of investigating the losses suffered by the officials, including damage to their properties and vehicles. Appropriate steps should be taken to address their grievances and provide necessary compensation and assistance wherever possible.

The Finance Ministry is yet to respond to MP Lorho’s appeal, but with increasing awareness of the plight of these displaced officials, it is hoped that swift action will be taken to alleviate their hardships and provide them with the necessary support they desperately require.

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