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Singer Chonchon Varah finally finds her Mr. Right


EKHON | UKHRUL: It’s official, Tangkhul powerhouse singer Chonchon Varah has finally found her forever as she is engaged to be married to her boyfriend, now fiance Standhope Paoh earlier on Monday. She shared her happy news to Ekhon.

What led up to this special occasion was a surprised proposal by her boyfriend in the presence of both their parents. The singer said the feeling that she is engaged has not sunked in yet but adding that she felt happy and contented.

For those who are curious to know who her beau is, Standhope Paoh is a businessman based in Senapati. They met in 2015 in Shillong through common friends and remained friends till this year’s Valentine’s Day when they officially began dating.

Coming all the way to Ukhrul from Senapati to proposed to me is the most romantic thing he has done, revealed the beaming soon to be bride. However, prior to this proposal, Paoh had already asked her mother for her hand in marriage, proving his guts and pure intention said the Tenguila singer.

The singer with hits like Tenguila, Zingkum Pheichon among many others further revealed that when she said yes to his proposal, Standhope Paoh said, “my prayers are finally answered”.

When asked what she liked about him, the singer said her beau “is genuinely a God fearing person”. There’s no pressure or insecurity when I am with him, I can simply be myself. With him I found my peace, she said with a sense of contentment and clarity.

While we all expect someone like her who is a big part of the community to settle with her own tribe, she insisted that it was never a deliberate decision to marry someone outside but believed that it is all God’s plan.

What happens once Chonchon Varah joined the marriage wagon? Music is part of me, she affirmed like a solemn pledge. “I have been singing since teenager. After marriage my perspective on the kind of song might change, who knows I might explore Gospel or more humanity songs but I assure you that I’ll keep singing. I’ll always be around, she assured.

It’s easy to comprehend that Chonchon Varah who crooned about heartbreaks and longing in her previous songs has finally found her love and her soulmate in Standhope Paoh and ready to start her new journey towards love and togetherness.

With her love life soaring up, Chonchon Varah has another thing to celebrate as she recently launched her accessory brand called ‘Pukreila’. The designs of which are inspired by nature and culture.


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