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THYSO visited schools to orient students of their support


EKHON |UKHRUL: Thawaijao Hungpung Young Student’s Organization (THYSO) visited six schools under its jurisdiction to orient the students of their duties and to aware them of their support in furthering their educational welfare.

Hubert Lunghar, president of THYSO informed Ekhon that the Hungpung student apex body visited six schools including, Sentinel College, St. Mary’s School, Oriental Naga Academy, Maringmi Memorial School, Ukhrul Central School and KTL to acquaint themselves of the schools and their students as well as to call on for cooperation and participation. He added that they will visit the remaining schools under the jurisdiction of THYSO in the coming days.

Hubert Lunghar apprised that the team oriented both the school authority and the students of their full support in maintaining safety among the student community and are committed to be a support system towards the student’s welfare. He also called for their cooperation and participation in the events of future that THYSO plans to organize like Literary meet, Cleanliness drive etc.

With the rampant anti-social activities among the youngsters especially school going students, the president communicated to the students at the assembly to stay away from bad habits like chewing tobacco, drugs, smoking, gang fights etc. Advising the student community, he told them that as a student they should be like a river always moving forward.

He also requested the school and student community to visit THYSO for any queries and concern regarding student and school welfare at their Information Office at Phungreitang, Ukhrul district headquarter. School administration and student community has extended their positive response to their call for cooperation to THYSO team.

Hubert Lunghar, who took over THYSO earlier in December last as its 33rd President is committed to empower and uplift the youth while focusing on the prevention of substance abuse during his tenure.


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