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Books by National Awardee Ningmareo Shimray launched


EKHON | 15 September, 2023

Ukhrul: Ningmareo Shimray, recipient of National Award for Teacher 2021 released his book “Transforming Strategy of Teaching and Learning” and two articles namely, ‘New English Pronouncing Skills Training’ and ‘New Model of Spelling-Bee Competition’ in the presence of Zuringla Kengoo, Ukhrul District Commissioner, ZEO Thaimei Badan and executive members of Ukhrul District Teacher’s Welfare Association (UDTWA) here in Mini Secretariat, Ukhrul district of Manipur on Friday.

Expressing her happiness at the effort and initiative of the award winning teacher, Zuringla Kengoo said she is happy and proud of the author and the many hard work that has gone into producing such books. We can imagine the number of hours, pains and labour that has gone into it and sometimes to the point of facing disappointment and even face situation when he thought there is no one to support him, Zuringla shared.”

This book will benefit both the teachers and students and will go beyond borders and beyond our state and our community. She asserted that the books will have an impact in the education system.

Meanwhile, the award winning teacher Ningmareo Shimray who credited his wife for his success said, “All the ideas that I’ve developed are the outcome and my endeavors to transform myself first and transform my students, relevant to the changing of time and circumstances.”

“In 2018, I started series of experimentation and I found the main failure of education system in Ukhrul district undivided is the system failure. It’s not because of the shortage of teachers. It’s not because of infrastructure and financial inputs and teachers training. It’s because of system failure. It’s because teachers failed in three areas, the way teachers speak, write and pronounce,” he added.

Known for his commitment and dedication in teaching and his undying desire to improve learning system, Ningmareo Shimray who is a dedicated father to three children has been constantly working on ways to improve the techniques of teaching and learning. The ingenius educationist has also developed new number system, namely Bi-quartet Number System and written extensively on it.

Fellow teacher and Chairman of UDTWA, L.AW Wungnaoshang said Ningmareo Shimray who is committed to his profession brings the recognition to teaching community.

Ningmareo Shimray is a lecturer at Ukhrul Higher Secondary School. The 55 year-old teacher is key to transforming his former school, Model High School, Ukhrul with his new teaching and learning techniques, the fruit of years of research. And for his notable contribution to education, he was honored with the National Award to Teachers in 2021, the highest recognition for a teacher by Indian Government.


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