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Manipur Violence | Time to show the mettle of true leadership: MLA Ram Muivah


EKHON | Ukhrul: The time has come to show the mettle of true leadership and statesmanship and bring an amicable solution and restore peace which is also the primary and moral responsibility of a democratic government said Ukhrul MLA Ram Muivah while expressing his sadness against the abduction and murder of two innocent students, Phijam Hemanjit and Hijam Linthoinganbi who went missing on 6th July 2023.

The legislator in his condolence message said his heart goes out to the bereaved families adding that there are no words adequate to express the sorrow and sadness about this heinous crime.

The ethnic violence between the Meiteis and the Kukis that erupted on 3rd May, 2023 has taken a turn for the worst recently after the visual of two Meitei students who were abducted and killed surfaced in the social media and went viral. It prompted the state government to re-impose ban on internet till 1st October.

The former bureaucrat also conveyed his “condolences and sorrow to the bereave families of nearly 200 precious lives lost in the past over 4 months in Manipur irrespective of communities, tribe, caste or creed.”

This mindless and senseless killing has gone on too long. The time has come to say enough is enough and put an immediate stop to this madness, Ram Muivah further asserted.

Addressing the State Government as well as the civil societies of Manipur of the seriousness of the matter, the legislator said “we must sit across the table and start dialogue adding that ‘talking is better than fighting’.

The ethnic conflict has majorly impacted lives of both the warring communities resulting in displacement of thousands of people and deaths in hundreds and not to forget the emotional and physical trauma caused by the violence.

The worst animal instinct comes out of man when it comes to estate or land. However, as a civilized society, we must sit back, pause and ponder the wisdom of settling issues through violence. No violence has ever solved a problem in history. Violence only begets violence. A better sense must prevail. If there is goodwill, there is no problem in this world that humans cannot solve, further mused Ram Muivah in his condolence message.


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