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Hungpung Hungshi Shangva hosted first Tangkhul Hungshi clan Kazip


EKHON |UKHRUL: In a first ever, Hungpung Hungshi Shangva (HHS) hosted the Tangkhul Hungshi clan Kazip to deliberate on their shared history at Bakshi Ground Indoor Stadium, Hungpung in Ukhrul district headquarters on Saturday.

State Kala Academi Awardee AS Newman Hungshi invoked the blessings of the Almighty for the Hungshi Shangva clan with the act of Hokharai, a traditional chanting. While, HHS chairman Boniface Hungshi hoisted the Tangkhul Hungshi Shangva’s symbolic flag commencing the day’s event.

Welcoming the gathering, Boniface Hungshi highlighted the history of Hungshi Shangva (clan) of Hungpung village. He shared that Hungshi Shangva was formally declared as a recognised clan of Hungpung village on 14 February, 1994 under the leadership of the then HHS chairman AS Wungmaso. It also recognised that Hungpung Ahungshi Shimrei, Hungpung Ahungshi Shimrah, Vashimhung and Thingshungnao as Hungshi Shangva, which was initially known simply as AS (Ahungshi Shimrei).He informed that the History Research Committee that conducted research from 2008 till 2022 found that Hungshi Shangva shared the same bloodline of Mangang Salai.

The event also saw the declaration of Hungshi Shangva History establishing Riso (Khongreiwo), Hiipam (Hungpungwo) and Mahza (Meiteiwo) as three brothers belonging to Hungshi (Mangang) clan. The Declaration read by AS Felix Ningkhanpam Hungshi mentioned the detail findings of the History Research Committee. It also mentioned that Thangal has no relationship with Hungpung.

Meanwhile, Th. Treason, Convener of History Committee Khongdei Union who attended the event with 20 others from Khongdei expressed his joy at organizing such event despite being late saying it’s never too late to right the history. He shared their version of history that has similar legendary stories and myths to proof bloodline between Khongreiwo, Hungpungwo and Meiteiwo. He went on to elaborate the story of the three siblings, Riso (Khongreiwo), Hiipam (Hungpungwo) and Mahza (Meiteiwo) saying their birth was no ordinary birth. Th. Treason also urged the Hungpung Hungshi Shang to resolve any issue in the family with understanding and dialogue.

Other speakers, President Haomee Aaron Ngalung Hungshi, Chairman Zingsho Mapithel Long A.S Honpam Hungshi, former President Tangkhul Zimik Shang Ng. Sethstone, former Speaker TNL A.S Yangkahao and Thamaso Ngalung of Ringui Village shared their own thoughts on righting the history and resolving issues within the clan.

Present at the event were representatives of Hungshi clan from different villages including Khongrei, Sharkaphung, Marou, Teinem, Shangshak, and Ringui.


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